Walk-around Mindreading

Steve Kellerman’s tool is your mind. He’ll stand face to face with you and perform the impossible. From a small private party of a dozen guests
to a trade show crowd of thousands,
Walk-around fits most any event since it requires no stage or preparation.
Pick a place: a fancy dinner, an outdoor festival, a cocktail gathering before a show, any event where folks mingle.
Steve Kellerman works in the crowd and shares his mentalism up close and personal.

Stage show mentalism

Take a walk into the world of your own senses through one of the stage performances of mind reader mentalist Steve Kellerman. This stunning Mentalism event will take you on a captivating interactive journey, with his mind reading skills and extraordinary use of all five human senses. Kellerman presents unbelievable skills of telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and other mental phenomena in his stage show. A show that will leave your audience astonished. Kellerman is a master mind reader and he’ll make your next corporate gathering, meeting, trade show, or special event memorable!

Parlor mentalism

Steve Kellerman’s parlor performance is flexible and allows you to present entertainment in virtually any situation for a small crowd.
It allows him to include all guests at once and requires no stage or pre-work. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone know your actual thoughts and feelings ?Have you ever seen someone predict what someone will do before they did it?

Combining his amazing powers of the senses with powerful and engaging mind reading, Kellerman keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats


For more information contact me here


For more information contact me here